OWL ® Eyewear Wholesale Sunglasses Bags Pouches Black Waterproof (100 PCS) .24c ea

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1UNIT: (100 PCS)

Wholesale Sunglasses bags pouches. Color: Black. Bags for sunglasses, eyeglasses, storage bag. 100 pouches- 0.24c ea. This is a very good deal!


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Sunny days are so bright, you have got to wear shades. You do not want your lenses get scratched or smudged. Avoid this uncertain outlook with Pouches from Supplier  Eurmart Online-Welcome LLC.

The perfect place to store eyewear when not in use, our Pouches can also be used to clean off smudges and fingerprints.

Give your personalized  Pouches away with each purchase of a new pair of sunglasses. A great way to promote opticians, eye care products, fashion eyewear brands, and more!

Pouches, Bags are great for sunglass,  MP3, sellphones storage etc.

Our company Eurmart Online-Welcome LLC  are offering the best Wholesale prices to retailers and distributors. You can buy cheap Pouches in bulk from us whether you are a small-business owner, a large retailer, an online merchant, or simply an individual seeking great prices for your storage bags.   Our Online-Welcome store is the right place where you can buy pouches with chip wholesale price. Save with our guaranteed cheap prices.



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